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My NCISBingo Card

This is my card from the NCIS Bingo.  The actual challenge has passed, but I think I will start working on some of these as the mood strikes.  


New Projects

Just a short note to all my LJ friends who might not follow me other places....  Here is a link to my new blo http://kyklips.wordpress.com/  Also listed there on the About Me page is my link to About.Me where you can find a ton of ways to connect with me throughout cyberspace.  


Photoshop 11

Purchased Adobe Photoshop 11 to use at work today.  Quite an upgrade over my Photoshop 7 I use at home.  So excited!!  Can't wait to start working on some creative projects both for work & for myself!

Multifandom Christmas Exchange

Just wanted to let my friends know I am planning to participate.  I've signed up to do artwork for NCIS, Princess Diaries, or Dallas/Dallas TNT.  Hope you will join me if you are interested!

Testing 1, 2....

After several years of lurking and visiting Live Journal, I have finally decided to create an account.  I hope to start doing some creative works again and this seems to be a good outlet for that.  I'm still a bit overwhelmed with finding interests and communities and such, but look forward to checking out LJ more soon.